Bike Hire Size Guide

We have a selection of Cannondale Road bikes and Mountain bikes available for hire. Please contact us if you are interested in hiring and we will send our form for you to complete your bike fit dimensions. Your bike will be set up ready to ride on your arrival.

The Cannondale Supersix EVO Ultegra.

This has been designed as an ultra high level race bike using advanced technical experience and passion to make these bikes the lightest, stiffest and yet most comfortable available. This is the opportunity to ride a bike in a fantastic location. Whether you are an experienced racing cyclist or a complete novice the Cannondale Supersix will offer you a memorable cycling experience of exceptional quality and performance. Group Set 11- 28 Cost 35 Euro Per Day.

The Cannondale Snaypse Ultegra

This cycle offers the high performance of a racing road bike but with added comfort, both from the geometry that is more relaxed and from a frame designed to absorb vibration without compromising on the stiffness and performance that a cyclist who likes to combine speed with distance. Group Set 11 - 32 Cost 35 Euro Per Day

Mountain Bikes

We use a number of local hire rental companies and all MTB's are subject to availability, however we ensure the bikes are of a very high spec, fitted with air-sprung suspension so that you do not “bob” as the cyclist pedals, making it very efficient, whilst absorbing the bumps ensuring maximum grip and a smooth ride, even over very rough ground. The bikes also come with a quality Shimano gear system and hydraulic disc brakes, enabling you to get up the hills and stop confidently on the way back down! Cost Per Day varies and starts from 40 Euros Per Day dependent on specification.

In association with Alicante Cycle Hire new for 2018 we are able to offer customers DI2 however these cycles are Subject to availability.

Cannondale bike fit

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