There are many fiestas (festivals) in Murcia. Your stay may coincide with one of the celebrations.

February – March: Cartagena Carnival
The Cartagena Carnival is an event not to be missed! Over 10 days of carnival counting down to Lent with various parades including a children’s parade, lots of music and parties. The main parade takes place on a Saturday with over 3,500 people participating!

March / April: Semana Santa
Holy Week is the week just before Easter. It is one of Spain's most traditional festivals and is taken very seriously with all manner of celebrations and festivals across the country. A week full of spectacular processions, religious fervour, and unique local customs. Processional candles are carried and tremendous floats carry religious sculptures from the church of origin to travel the route and back. Notable Semana Santa celebrations in Murcia include Cartagena, Mula, Jumilla and Lorca.

May: Warm Up Murcia
Held across two days, the festival's lineup spans genres – with indie, rock, and alternative music taking pride of place on the main stage. Finding a balance between Spanish favourites and international names, as well as established acts and rising stars, the spring festival is a perfect start to the festival season, promising memorable performances in the Spanish sun.

July / August: Festival de Cante Flamenco
La Unión, in Murcia, is the setting for the world's most important annual flamenco festival. Song, dance and guitar playing are the three disciplines in an event that takes place over several days. Packed with authentic flamenco, which backs upcoming young artists, and which also features consolidated stars of the genre. The festival comprises of a flamenco competition and in the month prior to the event, singers take part in a competition to be whittled down to a handful who will compete for the “Golden Melon” prize, a coveted prize in the world of Flamenco music!

September: Moros y Cristianos
The Moors and Christians celebrations have been going on in Murcia since 1983. To commemorate the reconquest of Spain and steeped in religious history, the event sees locals dress up as either Moors or Christians and enact battle scenes between the two groups.

November: All Saints and All Souls Day
On 1 November, Tosantos (a contraction of todos los santos, or "all the saints") is celebrated throughout Spain. It is traditional to visit the cemetery and place flowers or light candles on the graves of departed loved ones. It is a public holiday in Spain, and if 1st November falls on a Sunday, the public holiday is carried over to the following Monday.

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